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In 2013, by age 45, I had a accumulated a 330 plus pound body and a 52” waist, and I was pre-diabetic thanks to a lifetime of eating and drinking whatever I wanted. Other than my sales career I basically had no activity and led a sedentary lifestyle. I began to experience frequent dizzy spells and ended up in my doctor’s office. He told me I was going to quickly follow in my dad’s footsteps if I continued on with my current lifestyle. My father died 15 years earlier from Kidney failure, at the young age of 53, and from the same symptoms I had, only he was full on diabetic. He too lead a lifetime of careless/carefree eating. My doctor asked me, “What are you going to do to save yourself?” My knee-jerk reply was “ My usual… nothing.” He wrote me a script to go get blood work, he recommended I join weight watchers. I sat their reflecting on my life and considering what choices I was left with. I skipped the blood work and went straight to my local WW center where I painfully signed on, and tearfully said goodbye to Pizza, Beer, and all of my life long consumables. I began my journey to wellness and undoing the disaster area I spent a lifetime creating. This was my first leap of faith…

February 2020

How Many Steps Per Day Should I Walk?


I am not a doctor and this article is purely and wholly my opinion based sole on my own success on my own walking journey… If you are reading this article, hopefully you are contemplating making a positive and easy change in your life. What is my daily step goal? My daily step goal and yours will differ because of where I am on my journey and where you may be. Asking how many steps to get in a day is a fair question. A better question is how many active minutes should I get every day? If you want to track your steps it will be a good idea to have a step counter or pedometer to help you set and reach your goal.  I wear and recommend the Fitbit products because I can use the free phone app. YOU DON’T NEED IT, BUT IT HELPS. How many steps [...]

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Best Walking Locations To Keep Your Brain Stimulated


Consistency is the key Consistent casual walking for a period of at least ten minutes is my basic unit of walking and one of the keys to my success. If a person can commit to doing this casual activity every day, that person can move mountains! And speaking of mountains, this article will focus on the wonder of such natural places. I recommend easy walking for starters, like a walk to and from the corner of your street, or a walk around the block. (See my article “Walking Tips For Starters”) If you are thinking of starting your walking journey back to good health, or you have already begun, it is important to keep in mind the following important tip... Mix it up! A change of scenery on your walking route is always a plus because it can keep what may seem like a boring activity fresh, and inspiring. I [...]

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Walking Tips For Beginners


You are about to enter a time machine! If your health is not what it should be this is an important message for you! Your family loves you and you love them! You can reverse whatever is ailing you! The science is undeniable! If you could go back in time and fix it all, wouldn’t you? “HG WELLS got nothin on me!” Take a stand in your life and easily change direction for the better, forever! Travel back in time to a healthier and happier version of yourself! Together… We Walk Daily! There is plenty of room in this time travel machine so make yourself comfortable and relax. This is a quick and important read, because you may be on the brink of switching gears and facilitating a new journey that will begin the reversal and reprogramming of your entire life, both mentally and physically and becoming the person you [...]

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