Consistency is the key

Consistent casual walking for a period of at least ten minutes is my basic unit of walking and one of the keys to my success. If a person can commit to doing this
casual activity every day, that person can move mountains! And speaking of mountains, this article will focus on the wonder of such natural places.

I recommend easy walking for starters, like a walk to and from the corner of your street, or a walk around the block. (See my article “Walking Tips For Starters”)
If you are thinking of starting your walking journey back to good health, or you have already begun, it is important to keep in mind the following important tip…

Mix it up!

A change of scenery on your walking route is always a plus because it can keep what may seem like a boring activity fresh, and inspiring. I have walked over 16,000 miles since I began my journey in August of 2014, and I can tell you that a change of scenery, and especially a natural one is extremely refreshing. My many walks in natural environments has inspired me to become more aware of my surroundings, and I have a new found appreciation for natural beauty and wonder. I document many of these moments in photographs I posted to my page.

Nature boost!

The ultimate and best walking places you can find are places that are surrounded by nature.
A place where you can see wildlife. A place to watch and listen to the birds. A place that you can hear the wind ruffle through the leaves on the tree. A place where you can feel the sunshine on your face and clear your mind. A place where you can go to reflect on the beauty of nature and your place in the world.

A place to relax and take it all in as you move about. I always find my nature walks to be the most humbling and fruitful, and they always energize me. The forest or woods, the beach along the seaside, a lake, or a park etc., are all fine examples of premium walking spots that will enrich your senses and provide extra special benefits on your journey back to wellness.+


Scientific studies show that walking is a monster activity, but add a natural environment into the mix and you have just taken your walking up a notch. There are many articles like the ones below you can reference and drill further down into specifics. Most of them stress the mental benefit and the reduction of stress and depression. get-back-to-nature

Momʼs home cookin!

Mother knows best!. Let Mother Nature guide you and keep you on the most important walk of your life, the walk that will keep you around for your family.
The journey that will give you dignity in your golden years, and the journey that will bring a treasure trove of benefits unmatched by any man made creation.
Get your steps every day… Its a matter of good health and happiness… Walk the Walk… Naturally!

Yours in Health,
Ken Krinsky
Founder of We Walk Daily and