I am not a doctor and this article is purely and wholly my opinion based sole on my own success on my own walking journey…

If you are reading this article, hopefully you are contemplating making a positive and easy change in your life.

What is my daily step goal?

My daily step goal and yours will differ because of where I am on my journey and where you may be. Asking how many steps to get in a day is a fair question. A better question is how many active minutes should I get every day?

If you want to track your steps it will be a good idea to have a step counter or pedometer to help you set and reach your goal.  I wear and recommend the Fitbit products because I can use the free phone app. YOU DON’T NEED IT, BUT IT HELPS.

How many steps you walk daily depends on where you are along your journey. From beginners to intermediates to experts, the number will vary sharply. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle like I did, then adding a walk to the corner each day is a huge step.

Each individual needs to evaluate their overall condition before determining how many steps are appropriate. Consult a physician first before beginning any new physical routines. My routines are super low impact and easy to accomplish.

Timing is key – How does one achieve thier daily step goal?

The answer is one walk at a time. One step at a time.

So I suggest starting each day with a short easy walk. The morning sun is an energizer.  Add the birds singing and you are super charged with natural energy. Breathe in fresh air and take it all in…. You’re stepping out and stepping up! Congrats!
If you have bad knees then a walk to the corner and back is a great start.  If you can make it once around the block even better. Let’s go backwards for a moment.  If you have a bad back too than maybe to the edge of your property and back is sufficient.  Worse, if you are too heavy to walk etc., then simply standing up will do.  My point is you want to begin by doing what you are capable of and nothing more.
There is no need to overdo it! Easy does it! You have begun your journey and this is the essential key to success.
If you consider yourself to be in decent physical condition then the basic unit of a walk is not about how many steps you take, but about how much time you spend doing it.

Always remember the following: 10 MINUTES = ONE GOOD WALK

If you find that a ten minute walk is manageable, but you can’t do another one, than that one walk is sufficient for now. If you think that was simple and easy whats next? Then you are ready to add an additional 10 minute walk. I suggest sometime in the late morning and or in the early afternoon. A good idea is to try to swap out a bad habit for a new good habit.

For example: I used to go to the coffee truck on my work break, now I skip the snack and take a ten minute walk around the parking lot.

If two walks worked well for you and didn’t wear you out, then the best way to end your day is with a before or an after dinner ten minute walk. Remember the goal is to take it easy and not overdo it! Go at a normal walking pace. If it’ too dark then please wear reflective gear. If there are no sidewalks, always walk in the street with traffic heading towards you. Carry a light!
“If you were able to make those three walks happen in one day you are well on your way to seeing results take place!”

Repeat the same activity for one week every day. One step walk leads to the next one… One day leads to the next.

You have to have consistency in your life and that is the biggest key to your success. You see, its not how fast you walk, or how far you walk. Moreover, it is how often you walk. You can’t chop down an old tree with one swing of an axe! You will fit in extra steps along the way during your day, but try to nail down 2 – 3 walks per day. A Basic walk of ten minutes at a regular pace. If you can do 15 minutes even better. You are doing this and your going to change your life forever! You got this!!!

Not all steps are created equal.

Steps that happen in a 10-minute walk are the best, because that is a sustained activity. Steps you take to get from point A, to point B, are good steps too, they are definitely important, but not as affective. That being said, I like to do certain things to get more steps out of my day. For example, I will park further away when I go to the store. Or, I will take the stairs instead of the elevator. At the supermarket I may walk the perimeter once before shopping. When waiting 10 minutes for my prescription at the drug store I will walk five minutes one way and then turn around and come back. I’m never standing still… Its little steps like these that definitely round out your day and get you to your… “Step goal!”

What is daily your step goal? Tune into my website WeWalkDaily.com by signing up for my monthly newsletter. Feel free to email me, WeWalkDaily@gmail.com and I will gladly help you to determine your step goal.

Get out and walk every day folks! It’s a matter of good health and happiness!!!

Together… We Walk Daily!

Yours in health,

Ken Krinsky