You are about to enter a time machine! If your health is not what it should be this is an important message for you!
Your family loves you and you love them! You can reverse whatever is ailing you!

The science is undeniable! If you could go back in time and fix it all, wouldn’t you?
“HG WELLS got nothin on me!”

Take a stand in your life and easily change direction for the better, forever! Travel back in time to a healthier and happier version of yourself!

Together… We Walk Daily!

There is plenty of room in this time travel machine so make yourself comfortable and relax.

This is a quick and important read, because you may be on the brink of switching gears and facilitating a new journey that will begin the reversal and reprogramming of your entire life, both mentally and physically and becoming the person you have always dreamed of being.

I traveled back personally, about 30 years back, once I began my journey approximately five years ago!
It’s time for a reshuffle! A second chance! A rescue boat and a way off the island! A get out of jail free card! A new day and a new way.

There are many others in here who have already begun their journey, as you can see by the letters and testimonials about people reaping the benefits of beginning a walking journey…. Together, all of us, in the time machine I call:

This article will talk about simple walking routines and the power they bring! It begins with taking inventory. Weigh yourself on a scale and record the date and record your weight. List all the things you like and dislike with regard to how you look and feel about overall self. If you aren’t happy with your current physical, and or mental situation(the two go hand in hand), If your clothes don’t fit, if you are living in excess, here is an easy way to change everything around and become a thinner and healthier and happier younger version of yourself…

You will literally and figuratively go back in time! I discovered a way that helped me to lose a ton of weight and gain a ton of knowledge, and I’m sharing it with everyone! Positivity! Positive energy! How to manufacture it, and how to harness it’s amazing and wondrous capabilities and how to sustain it forever.

Its so easy and so powerful and it’s amazing that more people don’t take advantage of this simple idea…

Are you ready to unlock this door? The key has been in your pocket the whole time!

Are you ready to make a change that will last forever? There are so many fly by night diets and gimmicks, but this activity is the genuine article and wont ever quit on you through thick and thin. It is one simple and sustainable activity. You’ve been doing it your entire life… Walking!

It’s not just a way to get from A to B, but moreover a way to get from A to Z! It’s the “LMNOP” that we have bunched together our entire lives. There are no shortcuts as we may or may not find out eventually. There is the road we are on. Right here and now in the present… As you read this and contemplate change please remember that anybody can do this if you have two good legs and you can walk…

Here are the following easy steps to start again!:

Wake up in the morning – God willing!

Put on a comfortable pair of sneakers or shoes

Go outside for a nice easy walk for at least ten minutes like around the block or to the corner and back. Easy does it! Go slow or at your normal walking pace. This is not about speed or distance. Just 10 minutes.Look around at your surroundings, listen to the birds if they’re chirping. Is it sunny out? Take it all in as you walk at a nice easy pace.

If you feel winded stop and catch your breath. Easy does it! ( Im not a doctor nor do I play one on TV!)
Be proud of the walk you just took, it was your first of hopefully many more… Go on with your day and if you can squeeze a similar walk in at lunch and or after dinner, great! If not, just the morning walk will do!

Repetition is the key

You did it today and it was easy! SO EASY! So… do it again tomorrow. Do it for one week straight. Same time every day.

Take comfort and recognize that your journey has already begun. Celebrate that fact! You may not believe its worth celebrating but do it anyway!

On the 7th day celebrate one week of steady walking, by recording your weight and writing it down.

Weigh yourself once a week and every week.

We will discuss food consumption another time. I just want you to have a record of your journey. I bought an electronic pedometer to help keep track of my progress as it allows you to record your weight in the free APP.

Begin week two the same as you did week one.

Switch the routes you walk to keep it fresh. Keep it simple so its an easy fit
in your day to day routines.Tune in to to continue on to your next steps… Congratulations on your considering making a change

I look forward to walking with you!

Yours in health,

Ken Krinsky
Founder of We Walk Daily and